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Caroline White - Senate Candidate for Victoria

The way we vote in the next election will determine what the future of Australia looks like for generations to come. It’s time. It’s time for change Australia and it’s time to take our country back. A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to reinstate Australia’s values of democracy, unity & freedom. The Liberal Democrats is the only party you can trust that will always fight for less government and more freedom.

As a small business owner and a mother, I have a great deal of empathy for individuals that have experienced the devastation of repeated lockdowns, continued inhumane restrictions, mandates and the segregation of adults and children within our society, and the impact this everyday harassment is having on our day to day lives.

Australia cannot continue down this path.

I want to make a difference, I want to see small businesses grow for our local communities to have access to a thriving economy. The next generation deserves more, particularly from their education. The policies of the Liberal Democrats makes all of this possible.

Dance Teacher to Freedom Fighter!

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Freedom Manifesto

Check out our Freedom Manifesto; it outlines our 10 point policy plan for the upcoming Federal election!

In this video I talk about our eighth policy from the Freedom Manifesto, Decentralised Education.

At 15 years old I left mainstream school to pursue my love of dance full-time and went on to complete my VCE at the Victorian College of the Arts. I began teaching dance during this time, and for the past decade I have owned and operated children’s dance school Two Shoes Dance Academy, which now has locations in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and Nagoya Japan. Over the years my performing arts programs have been implemented in Victorian Primary School and Kindergarten curriculums.

I am very passionate about education and education reform in Australia. Education is lifelong process of discovery and growth that opens up a world of possibilities. The Liberal Democrats want to empower people to learn and grow in ways that benefit each person’s unique talents, interests and ambitions. Head over to our Youtube channel to learn more!

Meet the Senate Team

I’m proud to be on the Senate ticket with David Limbrick MP and former police officer Krystle Mitchell.

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If we don't have a candidate endorsed in your area and you're passionate about seeing real change in our country, 
then you should register your interest to become a candidate for the Liberal Democrats.


“The Liberal Democrats is the only party you can trust that will always fight for less government and more freedom.”

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